. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7czxEpmJ5g

Cyber Threat Intelligence for Defense and Intelligence

In addition to CNA (Computer Network Attack) and CNE (Computer Network Exploitation) national security and intelligence cyber warriors are responsible for CND, or Computer Network Defense, a daunting task given the massive haystack of security incidents and available threat data that must be sifted to deter, detect, defeat, and ultimately attribute planned cyber attacks in the deployment, or operations phases. Advanced analytics and Machine Learning are proving to be critical tools in achieving the necessary scale to handle these volumes of activity to discern the subtle, hidden indicators, i.e. the needles hiding in the haystack to preempt threats before they become problems. Join us for this informative session where we will discuss the cognitive capabilities of IBM’s Cyber Threat Intelligence, a unique capability that ‘learns’ and models the normal access and behavior patterns of privileged users and network activities to uncover hidden threats and automate insights, revolutionizing the way defense and intelligence analysts work.