. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ij001KBM6mA

Cyber Security and Privacy - Ambassador of USA Greg Delavi

It’s great to be here with you all today. The U.S. Embassy strongly supports Kosovo’s efforts to increase its cybersecurity capabilities, both in the public and private sectors.  I am glad to see so many other people here who share that commitment, especially the Prime Minister, the Speaker, other members of Kosovo’s Government, civil society, private businesses, it is great to be here with you all. In 2018, cybersecurity experts foresee various new developments and risks in things such as ransomware, artificial intelligence, and other issues. In the next few days you all will discuss and debate topics as varied as national security, cyber education, cyber bullying, and fake news.  These are all extremely interesting, important and salient topics for today. These issues have a profound impact on our daily lives and will shape our children’s future.  They are vital to our economic prospects, our politics and the development and openness of our civil societies.