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Organizations are always looking for ways to improve their security posture, but the process is often frustrating. As soon as they secure one weakness, cyber criminals find another one. But if you take a step back, you’ll notice that, as much as cyber criminals’ tactics evolve, they always follow the same essential method and exploit the same vulnerabilities. By implementing defenses that tackle the trends rather than the specific weaknesses, you can mitigate the risk of any kind of attack. Here are five essential ways you can keep your organization secure. Leaders should support cybersecurity staff. Cybersecurity staff often cite a lack of organizational support as their biggest concern. By that, they usually mean that they’re not given a sufficient budget or that senior staff don’t listen to their requests. These problems are clearly linked. Senior staff are generally not cybersecurity experts, and they often assume the field is little more than IT problems. However, cybersecurity affects every part of an organization, from its staff to its physical premises, and it’s essential that organizations’ boardrooms acknowledge that and give staff appropriate budgets. READ MORE