. https://www.itgovernanceusa.com/blog/researchers-use-new-technique-to-target-android-phones/
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It appears that researchers have found a new way to hack smartphones. The technique is called ‘Rowhammer’, in which hackers manipulate the physical electric charge in memory chips, corrupting the data and even running specific code. The cyber attack is able to compromise fundamental computer hardware functioning, so no software patch can fully fix it. First experimented with by researchers four years ago, they have now found a way to use Rowhammer on Android phones. VUSec group researchers at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam named the new Rowhammer method ‘GLitch’.  The tactic involves ‘bit flips’ – inducing electrical charges to change the order of ones and zeros in the data. Hackers can implant malicious code on Android phones by luring victims to a bad web page. This is the first smartphone-targeted implementation of the remote Rowhammer attack. Pietro Frigo, one of the researchers who contributed to the paper, said, “By triggering bit flips in a very specific pattern we can actually get control over the browser. We managed to get remote code execution on a smartphone.” READ MORE