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2017 was a pretty rough year in terms of cybersecurity: ransomware, state-sponsored attacks, phishing scams, and big companies (like Equifax) failing to stick to security best practices (like implementing two-factor authentication) and therefore falling victims to cyber attacks. So what does 2019 has in store for us? Let’s take a look at some of the 2019 predictions being made by cybersecurity community. 1. AI-Powered Attacks: Security experts have been predicting AI-powered attacks for a long time now. And 2019 might just be the year they materialize. The benefits of Artificial Intelligence powered software are plenty. Therefore it’s just a matter of time before the hacking community finds out a way of using them for their own benefit. Some examples include: Spamming or Phishing Using Chat Bots: Gathering intelligence is quite important when it comes to multi-stage phishing attacks or email scams. AI can be used for automated collection of such relevant intelligence on organizations, its systems, and identities before the attack is launched. READ MORE