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After spending close to a decade in the world of cybersecurity, it was quite surprising to realize that so many organizations still struggle with properly protecting their ERP applications. Hello Onapsis friends and family! My name is Cindy Valladares and I joined this fantastic company a few months ago to lead our product marketing efforts. My goal is to be a regular new voice in your world of ERP cybersecurity -- and I’m hoping that you would engage with me by posting your comments, questions and feedback! Feel free to also connect on LinkedIn and let me know you read this blog when you do. In most organizations, even though SAP/Oracle systems are highly critical to an organization’s core functioning (over 92% of the Global 2000 use them) and they are an integral part of our economy (over 77% of the world’s transaction revenue touches these ERP systems), there is minimal visibility into the security or compliance of these applications -- creating a blind spot. READ MORE