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CryptoWall belongs to the ransomware family that uses advanced techniques to infiltrate computers and hides from its victims. Simply put, the Cryptowall is a Trojan horse that encrypts files on the jeopardized computer and then proceeds to threaten the user to pay a ransom to have the files decrypted. The ransomware arrives on the affected computer through spam emails. Basically, by making use of the exploit kits hosted through malicious ads or compromised sites, or other malware. It is important to have a virus protection program in place to stay protected. The CryptoWall ransom was first found in the wild around 2014 – it was very popular then! Ever since then, online fraudsters with the help of illegal programmers and developers have updated and iterated on it several times. This has made it, even more, harder to detect and remove. When a computer is infected, it is important to update the antivirus software on the computer or network to stay safe. READ MORE