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The holiday season is upon us once again. The conference call on-hold music has become more cheerful, the annual company party is coming up, and the holiday sales are making their way into circulars, popup ads, and emails. For many of us, these sights and sounds instill a familiar warmth and reminder of traditions. But for cyber criminals and cyber security professionals alike, this time of year has its own traditions. Online Shoppers are Primed to Drop Their Guard around the Holidays. As just one example of a common seasonal security challenge, let's talk about phishing and pretexting. Pretexting is a very important facet of social engineering. In order for a social engineering campaign to be successful, trust must be established with the victim, and pretexting is one way of establishing that trust. Establishing a proper pretext can be difficult and complex, but with the decades-old marketing machine that kicks into high gear each holiday season, vying for everyone to make their purchases at one place or another, a lot of that pretext work is already done for them. READ MORE