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Bagle Worm: Definition. Bagle, also referred to as Beagle, is a mass-mailing computer worm that has affected Microsoft Windows. Bagle refers to a large family of email worms available with many variations. Beagle is notable for the fact that different variants came in password-protected .zip files, with the password generally contained in the body of the message. The first variant, Bagle.A, did not spread widely. A second variant, Bagle. B, was considerably more virulent. How Bagle Spreads? Bagle arrives in an email along with a spoofed sender line. The alleged sender has an email address with the similar domain name as the recipient. “Hi” is the mail’s subject and the message are “Test =)”, which is followed by a series of random characters with “Test, yep.” at the end. The attachment name is a string of random letters with a .exe file extension and the icon mostly looks like the Windows calculator. READ MORE