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Even social media giant Facebook has been ordered to step up data protection as 29 million of its user’s passwords were exposed in 2018. Creating a strong and secure password is a critical step in protecting confidential data and networks. Your infrastructure can come under attack from cyber criminals at any time and passwords can provide the key to that kingdom for hackers. Key findings of a study revealed the top 25 most commonly used passwords in 2017 from ten million records (Wikipedia): ‘123456’ was the number one favoured password. In 2016 a staggering 1 in 5 passwords wasidentified as ‘123456’. In 2017, the word ‘password’ was listed as the eighth most popular password used. Hackers may deploy multiple tactics to steal your passwords, here are three of the most prolific attack types: Social engineering - Through social engineering, tricked users enter their password and login credentials to a malicious website or software. Brute force - In brute force attacks, cybercriminals use tools to automatically enter the most common passwords, with the hope that one of them works. READ MORE