. https://blog.f-secure.com/3-cyber-security-takeaways-2018/
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2018 is coming to an end. And there’s been lots of big cyber security developments. Hotel hacks, the GDPR, low-level vulnerabilities and cold boot attacks all made headlines in the last year. Janne Kauhanen, host of F-Secure’s Cyber Security Sauna podcast, invited several F-Secure experts to discuss these trends in a recent episode. Here’s a few of the points that came up. Mobile phishing is getting traction with companies. Adam Sheehan, a behavioral scientist that joined F-Secure after its acquisition of MWR InfoSecurity, thinks that mobile phishing became a bigger issue for companies in 2018. Phishing in general is a known problem. But Adam says that phishing emails, SMSs, and other messages going to mobile devices are becoming more common. And he says workers are falling for it more often. While part of this is because there are simply more people using mobile devices more often, Adam thinks there’s a more significant aspect to this trend. READ MORE