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Ever wondered exactly how much data you have stored on your laptop?  It doesn’t take long to amass a gazillion files, some are ones you have authored, some have been sent by email, some are from the Intranet, some are from file shares, some are from the cloud, some are… well, they can (and do) come from everywhere. You may also have multiple versions of the same file; from work in progress through to the final version and you never deleted the old versions.  In fact, this is the problem. These days, no-one likes to throw anything away “just in case”.  Whether it’s a personal laptop or a company laptop, there will be a mass of data stored on your machine, much of which may contain sensitive information that needs to be appropriately protected in order to comply with regulatory compliance standards. Files contain information, and many (or most) of the files you work on from your company will be considered company assets. Some files will be public, some will be private, some will be confidential, some will be for customers and some for business partners or suppliers. READ MORE