. https://www.clearswift.com/blog/2018/11/05/clearswift-endpoint-data-loss-prevention
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There are multiple places within your IT infrastructure where critical information is stored. These include email Inboxes, file servers, collaboration servers (some of which might be ‘in the cloud’) and endpoint devices.  All Clearswift solutions are designed to protect critical information from falling into unauthorized hands across all these different locations and channels.  Clearswift’s Endpoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution is specifically designed to address the loss of critical information at the endpoint. There are three key components of Clearswift Endpoint DLP.  The first is the ability to regulate what devices can be connected to a company network.  The second is the ability to control the copying of data (or files) to removable media, e.g. a personal device or USB stick and encrypt it if necessary. The third is to gain visibility of what critical information is stored on a company’s various endpoints that could create an issue should it fall into unauthorized hands and move it to a more secure location. READ MORE