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Your customers rely on email for their day-to-day business operations, and cybercriminals know this.  This is why some of the biggest online threats come from spam and email-borne malware. In fact, phishing and spear phishing represent the number one attack vector threatening business all over the globe1—these are also the most difficult attacks for users to recognize. In this environment, it’s critical that your customers understand why email security matters and how to protect themselves against these threats. Some key facts about email attacks: 50% of all email traffic worldwide is spam2. 91% of cyberattacks and the resulting breach begin with a spear phishing email3. 51% of small and medium businesses have experienced a successful or unsuccessful ransomware attack4. $1.6 million = the average cost of a phishing attack for a medium-sized company5. 66% of malware is installed via malicious email attachments6. 76% of breaches in the past period was financially motivated7. READ MORE