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Code is what allows website owners to customize their websites and make it unique. However, sometimes malware can sneak into that code, resulting in a potentially harmful impact to unsuspecting users. Using today’s techniques, how would you distinguish which code is good and which code is bad? And what will that identification look like in the future? In this article, we will discuss current malware detection methods and the future of malware identification. Plus, provide insight into the role machine learning can play moving forward. Why Do People Use Malware? Let’s first look into the purpose of malware and the benefits the authors (or cybercriminals) receive by spreading their ill-intended code. Any code that works towards an unintended purpose and goes against the wishes of the website/computer owner in a harmful way is malware. There are three reasons why most malware is created: money, spite, or simply because hackers can (i.e. the 14-year-old programming prodigy tired of video games and would rather play with your website or computer). READ MORE