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If you are in the United States, then you likely already know that we are on our 24th day of a government shutdown. While it is considered a “partial” shutdown, there are still plenty of government workers who are furloughed, which impacts the services they run—both online and off. Last week, TechCrunch posted a concerning story about the shutdown, which covered the findings of NetCraft, a UK Internet service company, who discovered that numerous US government websites are now inaccessible due to expired security certificates. This is a quick post to explain what happened, and more importantly, how cybercriminals will use this situation to their advantage. Security certificates. We aren’t going to dig deep into how security certificates work for websites, but the gist is that every vendor or organization that uses a website requires a security certificate for users to access their site with trust. Today, a few browsers, like Chrome, require these certificates before they even let users access the websites. You can recognize when a website uses a valid security certificate, usually indicated by a green lock on the URL bar. READ MORE