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The proliferation of unsecured devices in the home presents a lucrative target for cybercrime with ransomware and cryptojacking just two common monetization methods out of many. Consumer security is a massive $6.5B market and with the growth of connected appliances in the home, the security industry is going through a transformation. Gone are the days when anti-virus software was a one-stop solution. Security is moving into the network. But not all network-based security is equal. The two main approaches provide different results and face different challenges imposed by the changing environment in which they operate. The first approach is DNS-based and is implemented on the service provider’s DNS system. It secures end users by inspecting their DNS requests before fulfilling their requests. If the DNS request is for a known* malicious domain, such as a phishing web site, or its content is inappropriate in a parental control service, the user is redirected to safety. The problems that this approach faces are significant, here are a couple of examples. READ MORE