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Both cybercriminals and the means to defend against them have evolved significantly in recent years. Looking back over the last thirty years of cybercrime reveals the scale of that change, and highlights the importance of strong online security for businesses of all shapes and sizes. While cybersecurity used to be relatively straightforward, it has evolved into a complex series of stages and lines of defense. Failing to adapt to the ever-changing complexity and cunningness of cybercriminals is the first step to becoming a victim. Here’s how cybersecurity has changed, and what businesses can and should learn to expect from the future. Early Examples. If you think that cybercrime is a recent trend, then you’re not looking back far enough. One of the earliest examples of cybercrime occurred in 1988, when the so-called Morris Worm caused an estimated $96 million worth of damage and resulted in roughly 70,000 internet systems to crash. READ MORE