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Text leaks can happen to anyone using SMS, but you can avoid it with end-to-end encryption. At a time when our digital world can hold the keys to our success or failure, tight security around anything and everything we send out to the internet, or even through the internet, is essential. As data breaches and leaked messages make the news every week, and the headcount of victims skyrockets well into the hundreds of millions and beyond, you might start to think it’s not a matter of if you’ll get caught up in one, it’s when. We’re here to equip you to succeed, but the decision to act will always be on you. A good place to start is with text messaging, specifically SMS (short messaging service). Sending simple texts never required much in the way of bells and whistles, so many users settled in long ago to SMS, not seeing a need for anything more in a texting service. The problem is that SMS sends your data unencrypted, so if your texts are ever compromised, they can be read right away. READ MORE