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Tom Mullen, O2’s Head of Cyber Security, considers the human aspect of cyber security. We read about cyber-attacks disrupting businesses on an almost daily basis. And they are becoming more sophisticated. Today, cyber security breaches can often be attributed to the domain of organised crime, the white-collar criminal, or even alleged government sponsored activity. However, in my own experience, all too often it is the people within an organisation that unwittingly pose as great a security risk as the organised, sophisticated cyber criminals. When we combine cloud computing, the increase in remote working and the use of personal devices at work, remote or mobile employees are just a click away from exposing their organisation to unauthorised access and the risk to both data and systems that results. The most common approach to security has been to focus on raising awareness of how attackers operate. By ensuring that everyone is trained to spot a phishing attempt or other cyber threat and is aware of the consequences of failing to do so, users become more vigilant. READ MORE