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SiteCheck is Sucuri’s free website malware and security scanner offered to anyone who wants to scan their websites for malware and blacklist status. Last year, we improved SiteCheck’s speed and reliability. Today, we are excited to share the latest upgrades that makes SiteCheck even better. SiteCheck Upgrades. As one of our first free tools created, SiteCheck has been used by thousands–not only website owners but also users around the globe who are concerned with website security in general. New Look. If you’ve visited sitecheck.sucuri.net recently, you might have already noticed its new look. We have worked hard to give it a clean, user-friendly design. Faster Scanner. Our codebase has been completely rewritten, which has allowed us to achieve tremendous improvements in scan speed–it is now 600% faster and more comprehensive. Here is a comparison chart displaying the scan time before and after the implementation of these SiteCheck upgrades. READ MORE