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We’re hearing more and more about edge computing, and it will likely continue to be a focal point within IT as the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to gain momentum. A key question for organizations looking to the edge: What are the cyber security implications? With edge computing, computation, storage, or data analytics are performed on distributed devices, as opposed to mainly taking place in a centralized cloud environment. “Smart” devices are located at the edge of enterprise networks, and resources such as advanced analytics and artificial intelligence are provided closer to the actual sources of data. In addition to IoT, edge computing makes it more feasible to build smart cities and make ubiquitous computing a reality. The focus on the edge is clearly gaining momentum. In a report released in November 2018, research firm Gartner Inc. forecast that by 2021, 65% of global infrastructure service providers will generate 55% of their revenue through edge-related services. READ MORE