. https://icecybersecurity.com/2019/01/22/penetration-pen-testing-for-smbs/
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Security jargon can be very confusing. Scanning, Pen Tests, Red Team Exercises and now Purple Teaming. It is easy to understand why companies under- or over- spend or simply choose not to test their systems. What’s the difference and which is right for your business? What is a Pen Test? A Pen Test is an Authorized simulated attack on your company’s systems designed to uncover exploitable vulnerabilities. 3 Pen Testing Approaches for SMBs. Choosing not to test cyber-defenses is turning out to be risky and expensive for businesses. Some of the worst breaches could have been prevented by some simple security testing. Alternatively, if there is an incident, not having a testing program in place makes the damage worse. Until recently, robust security testing was out of reach for most SMBs. Outside of Financial Services and Healthcare, there were few options for SMBs that were cost effective and simple enough for the SMB. READ MORE