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Protecting your organization from phishing has never been more important. In this blog, I examine a particularly smart phishing mechanism called spear-phishing, which is becoming increasingly popular, mainly because it’s irresistibly clickable. And that is because it is expertly fine-tuned to target “you.” [Read my earlier blog — Gone Phishing: Everything You Need to Know About the Ever-Present Threat to Your Data — for practical advice on how to protect your organization from being another phish in the sea. Rationale Behind Spear-Phishing. Using sophisticated background research, hackers craft the phishing email to hone in on (or spear) specific individuals within an organization. With its advanced bait, hackers take the phish many notches higher, and are consequently looking for a larger return They go to great lengths to personalize the message — a complaint from the Better Business Bureau, a vendor cancelling a shipment, a “we’re being sued” email from the legal department, or even a note from the CEO. READ MORE