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While the number of online threats has been noticed to be on the rise multiple times in recent years, new reports claim that Apple product users are starting to experience them in larger quantities as well. A recent report published by a cybersecurity company Confidant claims so as well after the company’s researchers detected a new method of malware infection targeting Mac users. According to the firm’s report, the campaign was conducted by a malvertising group known as VeryMal. The group is targeting Apple users specifically, which reminded many of another group reported last year, ScamClub. The report also mentions that VeryMal uses steganography techniques which allow them to hide malicious codes inside images contained within online ads. While the main similarity between ScamClub and VeryMal lies in the fact that they are both targeting Apple product users, ScamClub had a much larger impact. This group managed to hijack 300 million web sessions among the iOS users in the US, while the ads infected by VeryMal were only viewed by 5 million users, although the actual number of those who had their devices infected is unknown. READ MORE