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Keeping up with the security industry and latest trends can be daunting, and you don’t always have time in your day to read your favorite news sources or blogs to stay up to speed. That’s where podcasts come in. There are some great security podcasts out there that discuss security news, new apps and services, or dive into in-depth topics you’ve always wanted to learn about. And the best part is you can listen any time– during your commute or even while you do dishes! We rounded up some of our favorite podcasts to get you started. Reply All. This is a great podcast that covers all topics related to life on the internet in a fun and entertaining way. While it is lighthearted, it is also very well researched and reported. Start by listening to episodes #102 and #103 in which the host gets a scam phone call from a business trying to sell him fake anti-virus software. Instead of just hanging up, the host begins to investigate this company, even traveling to India to meet the men he spoke to on the phone. READ MORE