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Nest owners simply can’t get a break from hackers highlighting their security vulnerabilities, as breaches grow more common. After a family in California suffered a War of the Worlds-type episode, being “informed” over Nest that a missile attack from North Korea was imminent, a family from Illinois has now had their home system invaded, writes CBS news. In this case, the hacker manipulated the camera to speak to their 7-month-old baby, used vulgar language with the parents and messed with their Nest thermostat, turning it to 90 degrees. The parents said the hackers angrily asked them why they were looking at him – confirming their entire system was breached and the stranger had been spying on them. How can users keep their smart homes safe? In this case, they disconnected the camera and called the manufacturer and the police to investigate. But, before they find themselves in such a situation, users need to take extra security measures and not solely rely on the tech companies behind the service. READ MORE