. https://blog.cdw.com/security/how-cdws-threat-check-finds-hidden-cybersecurity-problems
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Last fall, CDW helped one of its clients — the director of information security for a midsized energy firm in the Midwest — deal with a situation that had him frustrated and looking for some advice. He knew that his firm was behind the curve in adopting security technology, putting it at risk of compromise, but he just couldn’t convince the organization’s leadership that the investment in a security refresh would be worthwhile. After speaking for a few minutes, we suggested that he consider using CDW’s complimentary Threat Check service. This service is designed specifically for technology leaders seeking to understand the current state of their security infrastructure and build the business case for security enhancements. He agreed, and over the next six weeks, we worked together to deploy Threat Check in his environment and gain a snapshot of the company’s security posture. What Is Threat Check? CDW’s Threat Check service is a complimentary security assessment that gives customers a quick view into the security posture of their network. READ MORE