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GDPR-compliant organisations reaping the benefits, study finds Luke Irwin  1st February 2019. Organisations that meet the requirements of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) experience a wide variety of benefits, according to a new Cisco report. The 2019 Data Privacy Benchmark Study demonstrates that GDPR compliance makes organisations less susceptible to data breaches, as you’d expect, but it also streamlines business processes and helps win business. Data breaches. The report found that organisations that met the majority of the GDPR’s requirements were 15% less likely to be breached than organisations that were more than a year away from compliance. When a breach did occur, the damage was much smaller for compliant organisations, with an average of 79,000 affected records compared to 212,000. The same can be said for average system downtime following a breach – 6.4 weeks vs 9.4 weeks – and the probability of a data breach costing more than $500,000 (about £437,000) – 37% vs 64%. READ MORE