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From a cyber-security perspective, last year was certainly eventful! In May, GDPR finally came into effect in Europe, a move that demonstrated how governing bodies are finally getting serious about protecting its citizens’ personal data. Suddenly, organisations who operate in Europe are faced with new consequences should they fail to protect their sensitive data, propelling us all into the next chapter of the global cyber-security story. We also saw cyber-security take centre stage in the geopolitical landscape as the conversation around state-sponsored hacking and attacks targeting critical infrastructures raised tensions across the globe. A recent example is news from McAfee that a new organised hacking operation, ‘Sharpshooter,’ is specifically targeting critical infrastructure providers in sectors such as energy, finance and defence. From a business perspective, there is also cyber-security anxiety among decision makers, with many citing security and privacy as a factor that is hindering their digital transformation progress. Results from our recent Cycle of Progress survey showed that 40 per cent of all respondents listed security concerns as a prevalent issue, with 37 per cent also citing privacy. READ MORE