. http://blogs.lexisnexis.com/healthcare/2019/02/twenty-two-million-dollars-enough-incentive-for-cybersecurity/
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As 2019 launches, the word cybersecurity is everywhere. There’s security around medical devices, telemedicine, IT systems and, arguably most importantly, portals – which are accessed by employees, vendors, and patients. Cybersecurity is a big focus for providers, a topic that ranked among our CIO focus group as one of the top priorities for 2018 and again in 2019, with even the Department of Health and Human Services weighing in on recommendations in its recent report. One reason relates to cost—according to HHS, the average cost of a data breach per healthcare organization is more than $22 million1. Maintaining patient confidence. Another incentive for focusing on cybersecurity is a healthcare organization’s responsibility to be a custodian of patients’ private information. The more engaged patients are in their own health, the better the outcomes, studies have shown. Driving more patient engagement can be another tool to help reduce costs. Our 2019 focus group revealed that CIOs understand that patients won’t utilize their healthcare organization’s services if the patients don’t have confidence that their data will be protected. READ MORE