. https://lifars.com/2019/01/what-is-red-blue-purple-teaming/
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Chances are you’ve read our piece on penetration testing and want to get into the field. It’s certainly exciting and full of intrigue. Now that you’re going to go for it, it is very important that you know the different sub divisions in it. Those areas are red, blue and purple. Each very distinct from the other, or in the case of purple, a hybrid of both. To note, the skills used between them are not too different. What really changes between them is the desired result and how that result is obtained. Red teaming at a base level is a more offensive approach to security, while blue teaming is the more defensive side. Purple teaming on the other hand is more of a marketing term. Where the person performing the attack is simply well rounded in terms of attack and defense. To begin, we dive into a red team. As mentioned before, red teams are the offensive attackers. More often than not, a red team tester does not work for the company who is conducting the exercise as they tend to conduct black box testing (mentioned in our “Penetration Testing” piece). READ MORE