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What is SamSam Ransomware? SamSam is a blend of malware and ransomware because the key objective of the cybercriminal behind SamSam is to get in into an organization. After getting in, it waits and gathers a lot of data. In the meantime, the cybercriminal gains access to systems and then copies the malware/ransomware onto other systems. When the cybercriminal feels that the data collected is sufficient, he/she strikes with force, mostly when the sysadmins of the target are sleeping. Hence, the attack will most probably go by unnoticed. After the attack process begins, the malware begins to encrypt all documents and files on all systems it can find on the network. It is at this point that the malware becomes ransomware. How to Prevent SamSam Ransomware? The following tips will help prevent yourself from becoming a victim of SamSam: Multi-factor authentication. Ensure that Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is compulsory on all externally-facing applications. This enables preventing attackers from purchasing credentials on the Deep Dark Web (DDW), and also helps prevent the common brute-forcing methods that SamSam attackers leverage. READ MORE