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Many CISOs struggle to build a compelling business narrative around their cybersecurity efforts. So when they stand before C-execs or board members, they turn to quantitative measures to craft a basic blocking-and-tackling story (check out how many suspicious connections our firewalls blocked last quarter) and watch eyes glaze over. What’s missing from these number-packed tales, according to 2018 CyberCrime Symposium presenter Summer Fowler, is any business context. When CISOs measure their cybersecurity success using metrics that support business objectives and contextualize data points so they can communicate findings in business terms, executives sit-up and listen, said Fowler, chief security officer at Argo AI. In a working session marked by high audience participation, Fowler walked attendees through an exercise designed to help them identify cybersecurity metrics that align with their business objectives. She took them all the way to the C-suite: Armed with metrics that resonate with leaders and versed in business-speak, CISOs can secure the resources they need for cyber-resilience initiatives. READ MORE