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They make our most treasured stories so much more interesting. As human beings we’re complex, so we love to see our villains portrayed with layers. We crave a visceral, relatable depiction to send a shiver up the spine. I’d point you in the direction of Anthony Hopkins’ unflinching Hannibal Lecter, or send you to the pages of ‘American Psycho’ to spend some time looking at business cards with the namesake Patrick Bateman (Just make sure your cards don’t have a subtle watermark). Whether it be in movies, or books, or while we’re binge-watching our favorite show on Netflix, a good villain serves as the scuffed tails to our shiny heads. The yang to our yin. The acid to our base. On cold starless nights, while we’re stranded in the woods of the mundane, villains are the friction needed to rub the heroic flame from the kindling. However, there are a few caveats. Most people don’t like to be the villain. And no one likes to be the target of a villain. Once things spill over from the screen or page into reality, the lens by which we gaze upon villains inevitably shifts. We like the enemy potent, but the danger sterilized. As soon malice claws its way into the real world, there are tangible consequences. READ MORE