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WHAT ARE IoT DEVICES? In a world thriving on interconnectivity, one big development over the last 10 years is not just the invention of IoT devices, but the availability of those devices.  Not only do they extend internet connectivity beyond the standard desktop or laptop, they’ve been developed to touch every aspect of our lives. From toys and watches for our kids, to smart coffee pots, to smart city technologies that assist with weather readings and traffic predictions.  What we don’t realize is just how vulnerable these devices can be. We think, why would someone want to access my washing machine or my toaster? THE REALITY. Smart devices can be programmed and often controlled from your Smart phone in a way that allows you to rest easy when you’re away from home; or make the small things in life a little less worrisome, while you focus on the big goals at work or that family time you’ve been craving. In addition to everyday household uses, smart devices have been developed to assist businesses and state operations in more complex ways. READ MORE