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The Rise of Zero-Day Exploits and Attacks. Part of forming an effective cybersecurity strategy means understanding the threats that can impact your organization. One form of threat that is on the rise and steadily evolving in complexity and danger is a zero-day attack, also referred to as a zero-day exploit. The name of these malicious assaults is derived from how many days it’s been since a third-party exploit, or it refers to when a company hasn’t had the opportunity to fix a security issue. A prime example of this is the release of new software that is vulnerable to a day-one attack since there hasn’t been time to patch potential problems. Another example is when a user installs anti-virus software. Generally, the program is an older/basic version of the software that requires updates to protect the system. A zero-day attack/exploit occurs when a cyberattacker compromises the system since it hasn’t updated to its latest protection library. You could also think about the hardware itself; a new computer without installed protections is vulnerable to any form of exploit until it’s updated appropriately. READ MORE