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In the 2017 Annual Threat Report, the eSentire Threat Intelligence team documented a series of scenarios that could potentially occur though 2018. The likelihood of each forecast scenario increased or decreased according specific indicator events occurring. The 2017 report also contained a trend analysis section with five trends from 2017 that accurately carried through 2018. With 2018 now complete, this blog post reviews the list of scenarios and indicators to assess the 2018 forecast accuracy. 2018 Scenarios List. Cyber criminals adopt swarm methods for command and control execution to harden blocking effort. Cyber criminals adopt machine learning to increase the scale of successful exploitations. Cyber criminals give preference to crypto mining malware resulting in pandemic threat increase. Cyberwarfare methods are adopted and used by radical groups to cause damage to private organizations. Cyber-attacks are used to cause physical damage infrastructure objects and/or loss of lives. Increased information stealing attacks targeting crypto wallets. Cybercriminals focus attention on attacking/exploiting mobile devices, IoT and smartphones over personal computers. READ MORE