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Has the success of Microsoft Office 365 exacerbated the already complex task of purchasing email and web security? New Buyer’s Guides give a framework and provide a checklist to get it right. Over the last few years, the way businesses use technology has undergone a complete transformation, driven by two major trends — mobility and cloud application adoption. At the same time, we are seeing constant evolution of internet threats, which when combined with mobility and cloud, is putting huge pressure on traditional security infrastructure. Cyber threats are becoming more frequent, sophisticated and evasive. The majority are blended attacks that start with a malicious email and complete on the web channel, resulting in email and web security being one of the main focus areas for cyber security spend, second only to firewalls. Office 365 Migration Creates Special Issues. Everyone who works in IT already understands this of course, but why suggest that Office 365 has any bearing on the email and web security buying process? There are two parts to the answer. READ MORE