. https://lifars.com/2019/02/620-million-hacked-accounts-put-on-sale/
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Details of 620 million accounts were found for sale on the dark web, stolen from 16 different hacked websites. According to The Register, the stolen information was put up on the Tor network site Dream Market cyber-souk. A single hacker stole the account information up for sale. This malicious actor exploited the security vulnerabilities present within the sites and executed remote-code to extract user data. The stolen accounts are on sale for less than 20,000 Bitcoin. Information included account names, email addresses, and hashed passwords. Additionally, information on location, social media authentication tokens, and personal details were also being sold depending on each stolen database. Payment and banking details were not listed for sale. The hacker told The Register that his goal in putting up the stolen accounts was to ‘make life easier for hackers’. He plans to sell the information to anyone who promises to keep the data secret. This attacker has been hacking accounts since 2012 and information on at least 20 databases. READ MORE