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Digital economy is growing everywhere in the world. Technology is changing our livelihoods in unprecedented ways. We cannot imagine life without internet or without using technology in our day-to-day chores. It has certainly altered the nature’s way of evolution, but it also means that there is a very different kind of warfare happening all the time. Cyber attacks have been in the news in past decade and they only seem to increase causing more damage to businesses, raking more money for the exploits. Here are some facts to look at- Cybersecurity Facts. In 2017 alone, 70% of organizations believed their security risk increased massively. (Ponemon Institute). Just the number of passwords used by bots as well as humans would grow to 300 billion. (SC Media). Small business is more vulnerable to cyber attacks, almost 43 percent. (Small Business Trends). Almost 200,000 new variants of malware are produced each day and likely the number is growing every year (Panda Security). READ MORE