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Do you have that one great password that you love? It’s your go-to when creating a new account. You love it because it’s reliable and usually tied to a fond memory like the street you grew up on, or your childhood pet. Problem is, your favorite password is putting you at risk. For many, that password is used repeatedly for all types of accounts like your corporate Salesforce login, your Facebook account or your bank. And for some, that beloved password may be older than your current relationship. The problem is, it’s putting you at risk of identity theft, ransomware, an online account hack, computer viruses and more. Should you breakup with your favorite password? (Scroll down to take the quiz). This may be the hardest thing you do, but we guarantee that breaking up is much easier than having to deal with identity theft. Change Your Password Day is on Friday, February 1st and we’re asking you to breakup with your favorite password. Yes—with Valentine’s Day just two weeks away! But don’t turn to a new favorite password. Instead, generate unique passphrases for every account.  And make sure you only change your password in a secure environment and not in public, free WiFi spots. READ MORE