. https://secrutiny.com/2019/02/new-scams-alert/
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Tesco are warning customers not to fall for latest text message scam. The text message, under the alias of supermarket giant Tesco, is targeting victims by using their name and car registration plates to ultimately cause damage and steal confidential information. The message, which comprises of three names and three number plates, congratulates the “Tesco shoppers” and asks them to click on a link to confirm they have received the message. Tesco has not yet confirmed the origin of the message, but it has been confirmed as a scam,  that is currently undergoing an investigation by the supermarket’s Phishing Team. In other news, dubious emails containing URLs with up to 1,000 characters have been raising eyebrows. The following week a separte targeted phishing campaign, which claims your email has been blacklisted, due to several login failures and requires you to confirm your identity, was exposed. Thanks to the campaign’s bizarre links containing almost 1,000 characters, it raised suspicions from the outset. The scam, as seen below, presents itself as your email domain’s support system and requests that you make another attempt to log-in or risk the account being terminated. READ MORE