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Is someone phishing in your inbox? It’s more likely than you think. Phishing attacks are common online attacks that aim to steal useful information, from account credentials to personal data. Unlike traditional hacking, though, what sets phishing apart is its personal nature – the person behind a phishing scam typically pretends to be someone else, someone you would be inclined to trust, in order to obtain this information. Even the classic “Nigerian Prince” scam is technically a form of phishing, but today’s phishing scams are more nuanced and harder to identify. Phishing For Whales. Workplaces are especially vulnerable to phishing in its newest guise, known as whaling. Whalers target those higher up in a company, such as managers or c-suite executives, with the aim of attaining confidential company information; they may even pretend to be the CEO or president of that very business because most people won’t check with their boss to confirm the email’s source, especially if they’re away on travel. Whalers know where the power is within a company, and they know exactly what they’re looking for, from financials to credentials with wide-ranging access. But while whaling attacks and other types of phishing can be hard to identify at times, they are fairly easy to avoid. READ MORE