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Social engineering attacks are not as rare as you think. In fact, you might already be a victim – you just don’t know it yet. Social engineering works because people are almost always the weakest link in information security. We sometimes do not think about the things we do, or are in a hurry to double check the links we click on. Other times, we become too confident. Then there are those times when we find ourselves too submissive to authority. The most common types of social engineering attacks. Social engineering entails tricking people into giving their confidential information or manipulating them to do something. Social engineering is best understood by knowing the various forms it takes. What are the types of social engineering attacks? Phishing. Have you ever gotten an e-mail from your bank asking you to log into their website and do something? Some people don’t even think twice and just click on the link included in the e-mail, enter their login credentials, and unwittingly fall victim to a phishing attack. In this scenario, the attackers have successfully obtained your login details, and they can now get into your online banking accounts. READ MORE