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Who’s most at risk? Having covered the start-up vs corporate question before, we thought we would look into which industry is currently most at risk of cyber attack. According to the Wikipedia entry ‘list of data breaches’, which contains a list of data breaches (spoilers), out of 255 data breaches over the last 15 years, historically, the hardest hit industry was ‘web’. Now, this raises several questions. Firstly, what am I doing using Wikipedia for research purposes? Well, that’s easy enough to answer. It got me through university and I’m not about to change my habits now. Secondly, what is meant by web? One would assume it’s a business whose revenue is entirely dependent on online activities. That seems a solid theory to go on until Sony Pictures turns up in this category and ruins everything. The second most hit industry on this list is more interesting and just a little bit concerning: healthcare. The healthcare industry has suffered a good many data breaches over the years. I don’t want to bring up the whole WannaCry NHS incident again, but we’re talking healthcare and cyber security, so it’s inevitable. Whilst not technically a data breach, this attack temporarily crippled many branches of the National Health Service. READ MORE