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Swen is a malicious program that replicates and spreads on its own, it is technically classified as a worm virus. Swen does not require any human aid to replicate and circulate not only inside a computer but also to other computers connected to the network. The Swen worm is considered greatly dangerous because of its ability to spread rapidly. To elaborate, a Swen virus infection happens unnoticed and swiftly, the computer user will be unaware of the hit until everything comes to a grinding halt abruptly. Swen virus infects a computer and tries creating a copy of itself as a Windows executable file (.EXE). When infecting the computer is complete, it will move on to use the network to connect with the source computer. Its main purpose is to update and download other malware programs and files. In the process, it will automatically pursue to damage the Windows Registry of the infected computer. The idea is to stay undetected, safeguard other malware it downloads, run when the computer boots up, and eventually gain full control over the victimized computer. READ MORE