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Guest Blog by Kersley Joseph, CyberVista Instructor. You completed your cert. You think it might be time to jump ship. How do you go about landing your new opportunity convincingly? Is a certification enough? Is it all about experience and/or technology? Where should you focus your efforts to increase your chances? Using the Security Mindset. One of the most common approaches in security is to “think like a hacker.” In essence, we are trying to “reverse engineer” an outcome. Since we are looking at approaches in securing a cyber opportunity, perhaps the more important approach is to “think like the hiring manager.” So where do you start? Information Gathering: The Type of Opportunity You Really Want (and Company). Suppose you’ve found a few interesting companies, but you are unsure how to narrow that list. Here are some key questions to ask to help prioritize your choices: Which specialty do you want to pursue? What are some factors that would influence choosing one company over another? Is the culture the right fit for you and vice versa? Take the time to determine what is most important to you in your next role by having your own list of preferences and requirements, especially when considering the opportunities. Create as many questions as you can to begin gathering more information. READ MORE