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The cloud has become a mainstay for many businesses and governments and the revolution is still growing at a very fast pace. This mass migration to the cloud makes platforms that can ensure efficiency, productivity, flexibility, profitability, and agility very attractive. Like every technology, the cloud has two sides – positive and negative. The darker side of the cloud is the insecure ownership and control, making the cloud by nature susceptible to cybercrime. In a recent report from Symantec, a 200 percent increase in supply chain attacks of cloud infrastructures was observed in 2017. The figure is expected to be higher in 2018. [1]. There is a huge amount of confidential, sensitive, and business data in the cloud and this is expected to grow exponentially with time.[2] The Cloud Security Challenge. Of the large amount of data that has been moved to the cloud, a huge segment of it has been compromised. The compromised data includes election data, financial information like bank cards, health data, etc. Maintaining integrity and security continues to be a significant challenge for cloud platforms. [3]. READ MORE