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Phishing is a social engineering tactic in which an attacker attempts to gain personal data from victims by going undercover as a trusted source whether through an email or a phone call. Users are tricked into giving up their information. The goal of a phishing attack can vary; however, attackers usually try to solicit personal information like usernames, passwords, bank accounts, or credit card numbers. Users can be directed to respond to emails or to update their information on a fake website. Types of Phishing Attacks. Spear Phishing. Specific users or groups are targeted such as an individual or an organization. Emails sent to victims are customized to legitimize the messages such as using their names or personal information. Customization uses manipulation and builds trust to get victims to give up information. Whaling. Like spear phishing, whaling targets specific individuals however, instead of going after the ‘small fish’ attackers target the ‘big fish’ or high-profile individuals like executives or the wealthy. High-profile employees usually have most or complete access to sensitive data. Attackers use highly customized and personalized emails to lure their victims. READ MORE